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Blown Film Extrusion

Base Materials: SACM645,SCM440,SKD61
Treatment: Nitrided & Bimetallic
Hardness: HRC55-HRC70
Suitable for: HDPE/LDPE Blowing

Product Description:

The structure of the screw of the blown film machine:

The screw of the blown film machine is generally composed of the following parts:

1. Film Blowing Machine Screw Body: It is usually composed of a cylindrical spiral-shaped shell with a hollow interior for conveying and compressing plastic particles.

2. Spiral channel: There is a spiral channel on the main body of the screw of the film blowing machine, which is used for the conveying and compression of plastic particles.

3. Feed part: It is used to feed the plastics into the screw body of the blown film machine.

4. Heating Zone: One or more sections of the screw body of the blown film machine are designed as heating zones with built-in heating devices for heating and melting plastic particles.

5. Extrusion Opening: The extrusion port located at the end of the screw body of the blown film machine, which is used to extrude the melted plastic to form a film.

Tech Introduction:

⁕Bimetallic Process :

Basis Materials: SACM645, SACM440, SKD61, SKD11

Hardness: 53-58 HRC

Coating Thickness: 1.5-2.0mm

Allication: Plastic Recycling ≤2 Times, Plastics With Glass Fiber≤35%

Wear resistance: ★★★

Corrosion resistance: ★★

⁕Chrome Plating Process:

Basis Materials: SACM645, SACM440, SKD61, SKD11

Chrome Thickness: 0.02-0.08mm

Hardness of Chrome: >700 HV

Finish Grade: Ra ≤0.4

Allication: PVC and other high corrosive plastics

Wear resistance: 

Corrosion resistance: ★★★★

⁕Full Hardened Process:

Basis Materials: DC53, D2, M2, SKD61, SKD11 ...

Chemical Composition: C, Si, Cr, Mn, Mo, V, Ni

Hardness: SKD61(HRC56-58), DC53( 62-63 HRC)

Application: PP PA LCP, POM, PPA, PBT, PC, PPS, PEI, PEEK with Glass Fiber ≤50%

Wear resistance: ★★★★

Corrosion resistance: ★★★★








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