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The processing of injection molding screws

The processing of injection molding screws: 


1. Screw Design: Designing the screw shape, diameter, and pitch parameters based on the injection molding machine model and requirements. Consideration is given to the plastic material properties, product requirements, and injection process conditions.

2. Material Selection: Choosing high-strength and wear-resistant materials suitable for screw processing, such as alloy steel or stainless steel. These materials possess excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance to meet long-term operational demands.

3. Rough Machining: Cutting the raw material into appropriate lengths and performing rough machining. This includes operations like turning, milling, and drilling to achieve a rough shape before proceeding to fine machining.

4. Heat Treatment: Heat treating the rough-machined screw to enhance its mechanical properties and wear resistance. Common heat treatment methods include quenching, tempering, and carburizing.

5. Finish Machining: Precision machining the screw using lathes or other machining equipment to achieve the desired outer diameter, thread, and surface finish. This step ensures that the screw meets required geometric dimensions and surface quality.

6. Surface Treatment: Applying surface treatments to increase corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Common surface treatment methods include chrome plating, nitriding, and coating.

7. Uniformity Testing and Quality Inspection: Conducting uniformity tests to verify the consistency of inner and outer diameters. Quality inspections are performed to assess appearance, surface finish, hardness, and other relevant aspects, ensuring compliance with applicable standards and specifications.

8. Packaging and Delivery: Finally, packaging the processed screws and safely delivering them to customers according to their requirements.




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